Typography is the visual inflection of
written language.

We are in a golden age of typography where fonts, font names and even designers are on the minds of the masses. Helvetica has become a household name, Comic Sans is no longer a joke that only “those who know” are in on and The Museum of Modern Art has 23 typefaces in its permanent collection. As technology grows and more an more of the world is available to us, the task of making choices can become extremely daunting. Between both the fonts that come preinstalled on our computers and the seemingly endless number of fonts offered on the web, the task of choosing a font can be overwhelming.

A typeface can express emotion and power much like an image can, we just have not been trained to see it. By creating meaningful associations between cultural elements and typefaces, MeaningfulType helps to add typography to our visual literacy.

We feature history and observations on typefaces and their surrounding culture, alongside in use examples.